Zero to Never is live on the web

" 'Zero to Never', what a great name! What type of music do you play? Do you do weddings?  What are some of the songs you sing?"

Fans, friends, and soon to be groupies ask great questions constantly, so the band decided it was time to pull all the answers together into one site along with photos, videos, news updates, song lists and more to provide our fans with a way to stay connected and updated on latest happening with the band.

Take some time to explore the site and shoot the band an email with any comments, questions, or song suggestions you may have. As the blog evolves, Zero to Never plans to make it their goal to post photos from shows that you've taken, so send anything you have and keep checking to see if your photo's makes an appearance on our site.

Last but not least, a super shout-out goes to our friend and web designer Ashley Foote. A big thank you for the hard work and super awesome web site!

Check back with us soon and keep on rocking!